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Fishing Caster Maggots

Casters are created when natural white maggots are left to turn into pupa (basically the cocoon before it turns into a fly). To create the best casters, Willy Worms leave their caster maggots on the feed beds for longer, almost to the point of turn. This insures the maggots are nice and plump, creating nice fat casters. All our casters are turned on site on a daily basis. This insures our customers get the freshest casters every time.


Fishing casters are a great bait in the winter months on natural venues like rivers and canals. However casters really come into their own in the spring and summer months, where they are a fantastic bait for Carp and Chub on commercial fisheries.

Again casters can be used in a similar way to maggots, either directly on the hook or hair rigged, again commonly done with a bait band. Casters are also great in spod mixes and used in feeder fishing.

Willy Worms supply the freshest casters in 1 pint and half gallon bags.