Fishing Maggots

Traditionally natural white maggots would have been used for fishing, however, now maggots come in many colours. Most common colours, Red Maggots, White Maggots, Fluro Maggots, Disco Maggots, Bronze Maggots and Mixed Maggots. Each coloured maggot are said to work best in different venues for different fish, depending on the season and temperatures.

For example, Red Maggots are used more frequently on commercial fisheries to attract: Carp, Bream and Roach. Red maggots mixed with Bronze maggots are a favourite on rivers.

Maggots can be used straight on the hook or again mixed into spod mixes and used in feeders and bombs. Some anglers will use a technique called ‘double maggot’ where 2 or maggots will be put on the hook at the same time. This tends to attract large carp. Maggots can also be hair rigged with a bait band.

Chub like big bunches of maggots, the best technique for this would be using a standard blockend swim feeder. The preston clip cap feeder would be ideal for this.

Maggots can also be dispersed on the lakebed by using PVA bags. This would be ideal for carp fishing. The Korda funnel web system would be good for this along with the funnel web PVA refills also by Korda.

Willy Worms supply the freshest maggots on a next day delivery along with a huge choice of hooks, rigs and terminal tack to work along side them.

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