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What is the cut off for shipping out my order?

Please order before 1pm for same day dispatch. Please note we can only ship livebait out on Monday to Thursday.

How long does delivery take?

If you are based in mainland UK and ordered before 1pm then your order will shipped on a 24 hour delivery service and should be with you the following day.

I need my bait for the weekend, when is the latest I can put my order in?

Ideally 1pm on Wednesday, This will allow an extra day incase there are any issues with the courier. Your order will most likely be with you on Thursday but better safe than sorry! We can still ship out on Thursday but if your order misses a connection it could be delayed and delivered on Saturday or even Monday.


Are the maggots alive?

Yes, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver livebait across the UK. All maggots are packed in special perforated bags which allows them to be semi-dormant in transit. This means that when you receive your order, your maggots will still be nice and fresh with good feed sacks. Frozen krilled maggots are not alive.

How long will the maggots last?

The maggots we sell are from a special strain of fly which means they are a long life maggots. Basically they take longer to caster. For best results, transfer the maggots from the bag into a bait tub. You can riddle them beforehand if you wish, place them in a fridge at 1oC. They will keep in the fridge for a good week or so, you may need to riddle them again before you go fishing just to remove any skins. If you require maggots for castering then please notify us at the checkout and we will give you caster maggots.