Fishing Pellets

Pellets are a great addition to any coarse and match bait. Pellets are probably the second favourite option after groundbaits. Pellets come in various shapes, colours and sizes. Some examples of types of pellets are expander pellets (ringers expanders), feed pellets (swim stim feed pellets, sonu baits feed pellets, bait-tech carp & coarse pellets). There are so many to choose from but here at Willy Worms we have sourced what we think are the best type of pellets on the markets from the best suppliers such as: Bait-Tech, Sonu Baits, Dynamite Baits and Ringers. Don’t forget many pellets can be used in a pellet pump which will help soak the pellet and squeeze all the air out to make them into a really good textured sinking pellets. Ringers pellet pump would be ideal for this. Again similar to groundbaits, pellets are flavoured in a similar way; you can get sweet and sticky pellets (bait-tech sticky method pellet) ideal for using in method feeders and fishmeal pellets. Fishmeal pellets tend to be more readily available and therefore cheaper to buy; many are used in commercial fisheries for carp as this is what the carp were farmed on originally.

There are also hook pellets, these can be small pre-drilled pellets for hair rigging, and also soft hooker pellets. These pellets tend to be soaked in liquid attractants to help bring in the fish. You can always add your own glug liquid attractant to your pellets giving you that extra edge in matches on commercials.

The most popular methods of fishing with pellets are pellet waggler and feeder fishing.

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